Mid Century Modern Kitchen Making Tips for Your Family

House is something comfortable you choose to live in. One of the important sides of the house is the kitchen, and today we will give you tips to arranging the mid century modern kitchen.

The reason why people, the especially newlywed love this design is that it is modern and minimalist, while the upper century’s kitchen style is more homey and comfortable. The minimalist modern tile backsplash also related to this modern style. So, here are the tips we will give to you.

mid century modern kitchen cabinets for sale

Tips for Arrange Your House’s Mid Century Modern Kitchen

The main key to a mid century modern kitchen is minimalist, modern and monochrome. But, if you have other color preference, you may skip the monochrome part and choose the color you desire for your kitchen. Well, here are the tips for arranging that mid century modern galley kitchen :
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1.  Modern appliances
First thing first, you must buy several common kitchen items to be placed in your kitchen. Those items can be an oven, microwave, modern stove, some metals utensil and soon. It is because modern kitchen often used to create a modern home cooked meal that is practical and cooked in short time (instant). Modern people have less time for breakfast, so these modern appliances will help them to keep eating their breakfast.

mid century modern kitchen table and chairs

2.  Color Preference
Like we said before, the color preference is according to your favorite, but the main color that represents modern style furniture is black and white. If you want to use another color than black and white, we recommend you to use the nude color instead of bright and thick color like red or blue. It won't be suitable for the mid century modern white kitchen.

mid century modern kitchen island

3.  Materials for the furniture
You can either choose wood or metal material for your kitchen furniture. The modern style usually will use mid century modern mosaic tile for the surface of their furniture and wood for the rest. If you want to use the metal one, make sure the appliances in your kitchen is made from metal too (or minimal, made from plastic or wood with either black or white color). A very different color like green won't be suitable for kitchen furniture full of metal retro laminate countertops.
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We hope our tips for arranging the mid century modern kitchen will help you arrange the beautiful kitchen.

Shaggy Rugs for Living Room Recommendation You Must Own

The decoration is not something optional in creating something, even building house or arranging room. It is like primary things to do to make a comfortable atmosphere in your house. Decoration can be everything, such as shaggy rugs for a living room.

The rug would have so much function if it placed in your room, such as will prevent the dust from touching you, create a better environment and atmosphere, and so on. In this article, we would like to give you our recommendation of choosing shaggy rugs for your room.

shaggy rugs for living room walmart

Four Shaggy Rugs for Living Room from IKEA

IKEA sells so many variations of rugs that can you buy to decorate your house. Most of the shaggy rugs only have less pattern and not appealing at all, but in this store, you can find the rugs with a variety of models that beautify your room. So, those shaggy rugs for living room are:
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1.  Vindum rug
This fluffy rugs IKEA has minimum pattern and color but good the absorbtion of dust and water that come towards this product. It only has grey color, but with the 30 mm thickness, your house will be free from the dirt yet decorative. Vindum rug is suitable for modern homes. This thick pile area rugs cost $179.

shaggy rugs for living room 8x10

2.  Sonderod rug
Sonderod is known for having high-quality material for the rug. The color of this rug is a blue waterfall, which is beautiful enough to decorate your house. This rug has 18 mm thickness. Not as thick as the Vindum one, but the waterfall pattern in this rug will steal your heart. Sonderod rug cost $149.

3.  Stockholm rug
Looking for a fancy and hippie-look-a-like rug? Well, you can choose the Stockholm rug to make your room fancier yet clean from the dust. This black shaggy rugs cheap will suitable for your room. This rug cost $169.

big shaggy rugs for living room

4.  Ternslev rug
Bored with the ordinary square shaggy carpet? Buy the Ternslev rug, and this rug will create different, edgy atmosphere in your living room. Instead of square shaped, this rug has not-so-familiar shape, probably the freestyled combination of the square itself. The pattern in this product is variety, from a small shaped box until big shaped box. You can get this rug for $169.
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So, those are our recommendation of shaggy rugs for a living room. Contact IKEA, shop one of those rugs and spice up your room.

Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 With High Quality

Everyone wants to place great furniture in their house. Based on the surveys, they sometimes spent their money out of the expectation. It means the furniture price is out of their reach. To prevent those things to happen again, we kindly offer you this article about cheap living room sets under $500 or great cheap furniture, with high quality that will save your money. Look at the list below for more information.

cheap living room sets under $500 near me

List Of Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 With High Quality

1. Poundex F6903 Bobkona Sofa seat
This was $440.25 on Amazon website. With that price, you can get this durable and cozy sofa sets under 500. As we have said before, the furniture has a great quality. Each of sofa and loveseat has their poly fiber cushion which will comfort your head when you are lying down on the loveseat. With also bottom buffer wood finished for sofa and loveseat, this makes your living room full of pleasure.
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Here is the specification:
  • One sofa and one loveseat
  • Dark blue color
  • Thick wrapped poly fiber both cushions and sofa or loveseat
  • Four decorative cushion cover
  • Wood varnish finished in bottom buffer of sofa and loveseat 

living room sets under 500 dollars

2. Bobkona Seattle Microfiber Sofa and Loveseat
Another Bobkona again with an antique style and leather wrapped. The charisma of this living room furniture sets under 500 coming from the chocolate color. With the one loveseat, one sofa and one coffee and cocktail table, this cheap living room sets under $500 which is $484 cost will decorate your living room warmly and greatly. If you want to know the specification, look at specification list below.
  • Wide sofa and loveseat 
  • Entirely leather wrapped both sofa and loveseat
  • A classic coffee table with wood finishing
  • Side grip wood in sofa and loveseat
  • Poly fiber sofa and loveseat basic material
cheap living room furniture sets under 500

3. Poundex F6904 Bobkona Sofa Seat
If another recommended sofa before this has the dark color of blue and chocolate, Poundex F6904 Bobkona Sofa Seat has a chocolate-milk color which was match with the light color interior. This furniture cost $472.87, including decorative cushions too. Thus for you who want to give color to your living room, we suggest you take this sofa seat. Here is the specification of the sofa:
  • Chocolate-milk color
  • Four decorative cushion cover
  • Wood bottom buffer finished
  • Poly fiber cushions, sofa, and loveseat
  • Broad back of sofa and loveseat
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This may will out of stock, so you must move fast for grab that. Hope this information about cheap living room sets under $500 help you. For another sofa sets under 500, you may go to Amazon website to look for another cheap set.

Triple Bunk Bed: Save Room Space Yet Comfy Enough for Your Kids Room

Having a lot of kids in the house is fun. But when it comes to choosing and creating room for them, it can be difficult. How can one place fit for three or four people? Don’t worry; the answer is triple bunk bed (actually, adjust it with your needs; if you have two kids, name it double bunk bed). This bed saves space in your room yet creating a friendly atmosphere for your kids.

The bunk bed itself is easy to make! You just need several items such as tools or gears and woods of course. With our suggestion in this article, we hope you could create a comfy bunk bed for your kids.

build your own triple bunk bed

Creating a Triple Bunk Bed

There are two choices of getting a triple bunk bed, whether if you buy it from the bed manufacturer such as IKEA or create it yourself (or DIY). There are some tips to create a bunk bed for your kids:

1. Make sure you use high-quality wood
It is unacceptable to use the average quality of material you choose for the kid's 3 tier bunk beds. First, the bed won't be strong enough to withstand loads of your kids. Moreover, it is triple which means your three kids will stay up there. So, you must double check the wood quality you want to use in making a triple loft bunk bed.
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triple bunk bed with mattresses

2. Layout of the bed
There is so many inspiration that you can find on the internet, such as pinterest.com. In that site, you just type what you want to find, and the picture of it will appear. Sometimes, inspirations do not come in words like this guide, but from the picture or video, you see on the internet. We recommend you to find the layout for the bed to make sure your kids comfortable enough to sleep on it.

3. If you cannot make homemade triple bunk beds, don’t make it at all
If you are confident to create it but don’t know the process of building the bunk bed, we recommend you just to buy the cheap triple bunk bed and decorate it according to your kid's favorites. It is dangerous when the bunk bed you create collapsed and hurt your kids.

triple sleeper bunk bed uk
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Thus are the simple tips for building a triple bunk bed. If you want to buy it, the cost itself is not that pricey. Find it in the furniture store.

Shivakashi Granite: Decorative Granite for Your Counter

Granite often used by people who want to build shivakashi granite countertops for the kitchen. One of the favorite granite used is Shivakashi granite. It is shiny and usually has a pink or grey color which is beautiful enough to make your kitchen lovely.

If you want to choose this granite for your furniture, make sure you must already to know the description about this granite, from the materials used, the use of the granite itself until its price. So, in this article, we would like to acknowledge you about this pink granite.

shivakashi granite countertops

The Introduction to Shivakashi Granite

Shivakashi granite, as you may know, originate from India (you know from its name, right?) People may often use this granite to beautify their kitchen counters, especially if the kitchen itself has the specific theme that would be better if you use this granite on it. So, what the things you should know about this granite?

1.  Originated from India
As we mentioned above, this granite actually comes from India. You can tell it by its name; Shivakashi. Along side with the Kashmir white granite who also comes from East India, this granite has an ivory texture and usually comes with grey or shivakashi pink granite color. The stone itself doesn’t have many variations, means the pattern comes in that way (just in different color). Usually, this stone comes with polished, leathered or honed finish.
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2.  Also known as Ivory Brown or Shivakashi Yellow
This stone is ivory, so it also is known as ivory brown. But there is also a yellowish version of this granite, and thus it has another name: Shivakashi Yellow. Whatever the name is, this stone is already famous for creating a kitchen countertops because this stone is durable and can be cleaned easily from the dirt.

shivakashi granite price per square foot

3.  Price
Shivakashi granite price per square foot is USD 37, according to the stonecontact.com website, a web where all people find the best stone for build furniture. In that price, it is worth it knowing that the material itself is durable, easy to be cleansed, and comes with beautiful pattern and color. For more information, you can check the stonecontact.com.
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So, those are the things you must know about Shivakashi granite, the beautiful and lovely granite that would make your kitchen have better decoration. Good Luck.

Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews You Should Read

Choosing furniture for your home requires a simple strategy. You must know the material, the price, and the furniture store that sell your needs. One of the famous furniture stores is Smith Brothers, and in this article, we would like to give you a Smith Brothers Furniture reviews.

In this review, we will discuss and explain about the Smith Brothers reviews, why they are the chosen one from people while there are so many furniture stores that also sell the same item with the same price, and so on. Also, we would like to introduce you what furniture they made in their factory.

smith brothers furniture reviews 2017
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Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews: Knowing More About Smith Brothers

The Smith Brothers, as you may see in the company name, is a furniture store that cheaply sells your needs for furniture and provides high quality Smith Brothers furniture fabrics. They made them in the factory, so some so many creative people design their product and execute it. But, why the Smith Brothers made so many sales this far? What makes people trust this store? So, here is Smith Brothers furniture reviews:

1.  Price
The price always becomes a consideration for people whenever they want to buy something. In buying furniture, people won't spend much and will be more careful, because the furniture is used to store items they have and have a little effect on the environment. So, people tend to choose the store that would sell items at low price.

2.  Quality
This thing comes after price because people or market think that they must get the cheaper product first. But Smith Brothers furniture outlet offer high-quality items with low price, so the market has directly targeted this store to become their first destination when it comes to buying furniture.

smith brothers furniture price list

3.  Service
While another store always serves their customer in flat greeting, this store, which have hundreds of workers, is conducting the workers always to be friendly to the customer and excecute the Smith Brothers furniture complaints. Always smile and understand the customer’s need are the key to their sales achievement, and thus many people always come to this store more and more.
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Those are the reason why Smith Brothers are successful in their business. With this explanation, we can also conclude and sum up that the Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews is good, according to the people’s testimonies towards the store.

What Is The Effect of Oven Cleaner on Kitchen Countertops? Find The Answer Here

In creating, designing and arranging the kitchen, kitchen appliances and supplies placement is something you must watch out for. It helps you to cook effectively and efficiently. Some people who bake often put oven cleaner on a kitchen countertop, although it is dangerous. But, what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops while you can place it on another side?

In this article, we would like to give you tips to clean your kitchen evenly, including the effect you will receive when you apply our tips. So, without any long wait, let’s acknowledge yourself to make our kitchen clean.

what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops handy

What Is The Effect of Oven Cleaner on Kitchen Countertops?

Most people often cook and leave their cook residue just like that without clean it evenly. So, after cooking, you should clean your kitchen evenly. Here are our clean kitchen tips:

1.  Don’t place oven cleaner on kitchen countertops
As we mentioned before, many people do this thing in their kitchen, but actually, what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops while you can install it on many sides? The effect of oven cleaner is bad, because the oven cleaner has some chemicals that will react quickly into the stains surface, and those chemicals will damage the countertop itself. So, better put your oven cleaner in another place.
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2.  Clean your kitchen immediately after cooking
Some people will always leave the dirt and residue after they are cooking because they are either too tired from cooking or too lazy to clean it. It will affect the kitchen have permanent residue and damage the furniture in the kitchen. Plus, your kitchen utensils will be harder to be cleaned –it will affect the taste of the food you cook. So, don’t delay and postpone the cleaning process of your kitchen after cooking.

what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops answer

3.  Use the best cleaner
Usually, people just use water to clean the kitchen. Well, we cannot say it is forbidden, but you won't get a maximum clean state of the kitchen. Use specific cleaner or soap to help you get rid of the dirt after you cook. Choose the homemade cabinet cleaner with a refreshing smell so it will replace the stinky smell you get when cooking.
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Those are the tips and the answer to your question about what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops. We hope it will help you to clean the kitchen.

Raymond and Flaming Furniture Store Items You Should Have

Spice up your room while you can! Well, maybe those words are perfect to describe you when you want to decorate your room but have no idea how to. Don’t worry, just by adding five item from Raymond and Flaming Furniture Store; you could have a better room.

In our article, we would like to give you some information about the items you can get in a raymond and flaming furniture website, but not an ordinary furniture store because it has a great variety of furniture from many kinds of materials in the cheap and low prices! If you are curious, you could read our article to get the best explanation, below.

raymond and flaming furniture near me

Five Astonishing Items from Raymond and Flaming Furniture Store

If you just have a regular chair, desk, table in your room, then how could you suppose to spice up your room? Well, but you don’t have to worry because we would recommend you to buy these five extraordinary items from Raymond and Flaming Furniture Store:

1.  Raymond Console Table Brown
This contemporary brown table has much strength compared to the regular brown table. It has the unique structure which put some carves and engraves that add the mystic and cultural theme to your room.
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2.  Raymond Modern and Contemporary Linen Sofa
Throw your regular sofa and change your room’s perspective by placing this sofa in your room! Especially for those who want a modern sofa, this raymour and flaming furniture sofa will bring you from zero to a hero of the modern room.
raymond and flaming furniture website
3.  Raymond Modern and Contemporary table
This table is as same as the brown table one we told you before; it is unique and simple, yet comfy. The price is also low, very suitable for you who press the budget for furniture but want to have an adorable table.

4.  Raymond and Flaming Loveseat
Loveseat that Raymond and Flaming website store provide always steal away people’s heart. Yes, its because the loveseat sold by this store always have a design that is perfect for a couple.
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raymond and flaming furniture store website

5.  Raymond White Sofa
If you want a simple and casual raymour and flanigan couch cushions, you can choose this sofa. Different from the modern and contemporary linen sofa, this sofa is much comfy for your and add the home feel to your room, even if it's not your home.

So, from those five items from Raymond and Flaming Furniture store, what item steal your heart? Let us know!

Lazy time with Ashley Furniture Sofa Bed

Being a worker may make you need a high quality with your self to doing nothing. Ashley furniture sofa bed provides all of the pleasure to you whose looking to make this happen. The weekend seems to be a perfect time, right? What kind of doing nothing stuff that you may be like to do? Sleeping, eating or just watching some movies in your house? Surely you need an excellent furniture to make your lazy time become happy moment. We will talk the about variation of Ashley that maybe you need to get this unit inside your house.

Variation for All Situation

Ashley offers you a variation products for your need. Ashley furniture sofa bed heard so stalk us, right? It comes to you with a variant of color, specification, and size. So you won’t be a worry if you had a problem to match this furniture t your house’s decoration. If you need a sofa to sleep well in your lazy time then maybe Ashley comfortable sleeper sofa is a right hoise to you. Or maybe if you are not a typical person with a total lazy figure, you can try other types bellow, so check it out!

ashley furniture futon sofa bed

1. Sleeper Sofa
It is seen that this sleeper bed become of many problems inside houses like limited space, or for the guest bed. As we know, this sofa can be a sleeping bed. So if you buy this unit, you may be no need to buy one of sofa or bed. That is so economical, right? Especially, for you that loves to a leather furniture, Ashley leather sleeper sofa offers you a lot of fun and comfortable feels.
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ashley furniture pull out sofa bed

2.  Loveseat Sofa Bed
A signature design by Ashley with a full sofa sleeper is a guarantee for a cost of comfortable, economics, and lovely.  You can invite your best friend to your lazy time by watching some movies until both of you get to sleep. Sounds fun, right, because lazy time does not mean you eliminate other person presence.

3.  Varian colour
One of the most people like in this Ashley products is in blue denim sleeper sofa. This product offers a lot of fun visually. But it also tastes worth it to lie your body to sleep there in your whole day.
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ashley furniture sofa sleeper memory foam

Here you know that furniture is one of the focal points for your lazy time in-house, doing nothing during a weekend. Ashley furniture sofa bed offers you a comfortable experience!

Front Living Room Fifth Wheel Decoration Tips

Fifth Wheel vehicle is famous camper trailers. Besides of its shape, the function of Fifth Wheel gives a lot of advantages to someone which deciding use this type of living place, such as you can take holidays without rent the hotel. To become more attractive, we kindly suggest you read this article about decorating tips for you Front Living Room Fifth Wheel including front living room fifth wheel toy hauler.

open range front living room fifth wheel

Tips To Decorate Your Front Living Room Fifth Wheel

1. Look At Your Type or Product of Fifth Wheel
It’s a must to look at your type of the fifth wheel since every type of product of the fifth wheel had different in some of the configuration and part. For Sierra 379FLOK front living room, because of the forest decoration in the fifth wheel, so you must match the stuff to be put in your front living room same as the interior of Sierra 379FLOK which is forest river interior type. For more information, read this explanation.
  • If you have Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel like The Venom, you have to choose the homey decoration for your front living room of the fifth wheel. Since the interior itself is basically house oriented.
  • For you who have Rushmore Fifth Wheel, then you can choose elegant and modern stuff for your front living room to match with Rushmore interior.
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2016 front living room 5th wheel

2. Choosing Stuff Decorations
There are the lot of consideration to choose the stuff decorations for your front living room fifth wheel. From the specification of the stuff, until the budget management. If you don’t want waste your time, you have to ask or searching around the internet about recommended stuff for the front living room, in this case, is your type of the fifth wheel. Such as couch price and specification for Rushmore front living the fifth wheel.

front living room fifth wheel toy hauler
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3. Place The Stuff
After you bought the front living room stuff for your fifth wheel, then you may think about how to place the stuff. Try to place the basic first like the couch, table, or another basic stuff rather than decorate it with colorful things. It’s good enough if you just use hanging light which put on the fifth wheel outdoor wall. Here are more tips to place your front living room stuff:
  • Don’t block the ladder. Although it’s right position, it will cause problems when you all enjoying your front living room.
  • Try to place the stuff in the middle area of the fifth wheel. It will not disturb ladder or another thing. Thus you can enjoy your front living room.
Those were the decoration tips for your front living room fifth wheel. It’s also the part of 2016 front living room 5th wheel. Hope it finds useful.