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Difference Between Duvet Cover And Comforter And How To Choose The Best Of It

Some so many people are wondering about the difference between Duvet cover and comforter since those two are very similar in look. But those are indeed a different thing that serves the different purpose. Duvet is more like a blanket that is made of lighter fabric and therefore very easy to be made, as the comforter is very heavy and therefore is more difficult to make your bed.

What to purchase? 

There are so many difference between Duvet cover and comforter, and therefore you need to purchase the one that suit you best. If you are lazy enough to make your bed then you can go to duvet cover queen or king, and vice versa. Here are several differences you can find in both products.

difference between duvet cover and comforter cover

1.  The fabric
The fabric or the material that made the products is relatively different. You can find the fluffy things in comforter king, but you will see a more compact but yet thick duvet cover. If you do live in the northern hemisphere, consider purchasing the comforter as it is warmer.

2.  The purpose
As the material is already different, then the goal is very different in one after another. Duvet is more flexible, as it can become the bed cover, or only just for your blanket. As the comforter, it is merely used only for the coverage since it is very thick and might be uncomfortable to be used for the bed cover.
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3.  The design
This is just a matter or trivialities.  Duvet like ikea duvet usually comes with vibrant design and pattern. It also comes with a very different color combination, whereas comforter usually comes with blank white. If you love the design for your bedcover or blanket, then you can go for the duvet.

difference between quilt cover and comforter

4.  The price
This is the least difference between Duvet cover and comforter. This is because every brand for both products is different and therefore cannot be pinned down to each product’s prices. But generally, the driver is cheaper than the comforter due to more fabric is used in a quilt.
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Those are several difference between Duvet cover and comforter that can be found in both products. Choose your products wisely so that is could best suit your needs. Hope this information can be useful for you.

Floating Platform Bed: Why You Should Choose It?

The space issue is something usual that always happens when you want to decorate your room. You will confuse because cannot store your important things yet cannot install the decoration for your room. In this time, floating platform bed would be the smart solution.

Why? The floating bed will give you free space under it, and you can store somewhat unnecessary items in your room. Maybe you ever think some items are unnecessary, but you don’t want to throw them away. Beside this, there are many reasons why you should choose floating bed in your room.
Read the complete explanation below.

platform bed with floating nightstands

Three Reasons Why You Should Own Floating Platform Bed

Floating platform bed is on the trend right now. Beside can save more space in your room, several things would make you want to own it:
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1.  Unique yet decorative
Ever think about floating mattress bed in the air? Well, the secret is not from there. You can see the platform used to lean the bed. It is firmly installed so the bed can accommodate the person that sleeps on it. The concept is same as the bed with underneath space when you can put everything there as long as it’s fit in, but it is floating. So, it is still unique but make sense.

teak platform bed with floating nightstands

2.  You can do it yourself!
Yes! No need to buy the pricey bed, you can create the floating bed for yourself. There are so many tutorials for creating the bed on Youtube, so you can find it and learn how to create it from there. You just need the round mattress and materials used for your platform. It will also decorable, so you can be creative to create the floating bed as you want. But, make sure you already mastered the technique before creating.

3.  Saving up so much space
Like we mentioned before when you want to put and store your items, but you still feel it is unnecessary to be placed in the cabinets, you could put them under your modern platform bed. It makes it easy to decorate your room and store everything you want to store.
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queen platform bed with floating nightstands

Those are the reason why you should own a unique floating platform bed. If you want to find out another thing about this bed, you can find it on the Youtube (for tutorial also).

Triple Bunk Bed: Save Room Space Yet Comfy Enough for Your Kids Room

Having a lot of kids in the house is fun. But when it comes to choosing and creating room for them, it can be difficult. How can one place fit for three or four people? Don’t worry; the answer is triple bunk bed (actually, adjust it with your needs; if you have two kids, name it double bunk bed). This bed saves space in your room yet creating a friendly atmosphere for your kids.

The bunk bed itself is easy to make! You just need several items such as tools or gears and woods of course. With our suggestion in this article, we hope you could create a comfy bunk bed for your kids.

build your own triple bunk bed

Creating a Triple Bunk Bed

There are two choices of getting a triple bunk bed, whether if you buy it from the bed manufacturer such as IKEA or create it yourself (or DIY). There are some tips to create a bunk bed for your kids:

1. Make sure you use high-quality wood
It is unacceptable to use the average quality of material you choose for the kid's 3 tier bunk beds. First, the bed won't be strong enough to withstand loads of your kids. Moreover, it is triple which means your three kids will stay up there. So, you must double check the wood quality you want to use in making a triple loft bunk bed.
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triple bunk bed with mattresses

2. Layout of the bed
There is so many inspiration that you can find on the internet, such as In that site, you just type what you want to find, and the picture of it will appear. Sometimes, inspirations do not come in words like this guide, but from the picture or video, you see on the internet. We recommend you to find the layout for the bed to make sure your kids comfortable enough to sleep on it.

3. If you cannot make homemade triple bunk beds, don’t make it at all
If you are confident to create it but don’t know the process of building the bunk bed, we recommend you just to buy the cheap triple bunk bed and decorate it according to your kid's favorites. It is dangerous when the bunk bed you create collapsed and hurt your kids.

triple sleeper bunk bed uk
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Thus are the simple tips for building a triple bunk bed. If you want to buy it, the cost itself is not that pricey. Find it in the furniture store.