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Kathryn weber publishes the red lotus letter each week, and offers readers and clients tips, consultations, and coaching with an eye toward optimizing their homes and offices harmoniously with feng shui. Here are the 2 main reason why placing wedding photo above the bed is bad feng shui.


Oil paintings of waterfalls, streams and rivers can sometimes also be breathtaking.

Feng shui above bed pictures. In chinese culture, bamboo implies promotion step by step. “there is a huge round mirror above my bed’s headboard. If space is more precious, then just leave your mattress on the floor.

The red lotus letter is a feng shui website and newsletter designed to help you make the most of your life by making changes in your environment. Therefore, the painting of two fish or nine fish hanging in the wealth direction of your bedroom will bring you good fortune. Feng shui's command position calls for a bed to be diagonal from the door.

They symbolize balance and equality in western feng shui practices. if the layout of your bedroom doesn't allow equal space for this particular arrangement, one. Mountains, whether images, real, such as the rocky mountains or himalayas, or symbolic, such as a screen, all give support in feng shui. But because the skull has “housed” a life, a consciousness, it is rich with the experience of human life.

A painting of peonies can be hung over a console table or dresser in the bedroom. You can even use feng shui in. It should be seen that, in every big good zodiac, it always has three different small parts, including good and bad.

Feng shui for long hallways. Beds with storage, in general, are considered bad feng shui, and a headboard with storage or display windows like the one pictured here is even worse. Fits the décor of the room.

A bed should be at in a small good zodiac compared to the owner’s destiny. Hanging a large wedding picture or anything heavy above the bed may cause stress and nightmares because subconsciously you will worry that the objects might fall onto you. Possibly a beautiful mountain range that symbolizes strength, courage, determination and beauty…all the things your marriage possesses.

For example, a female owner born in 1986 has an age of binh dan (fire tiger). The bedroom should be located at the back of your house away from the noisy areas. 5) paintings of water in front.

The ancient chinese art of feng shui aims to bring harmony, balance and positive energy flow to a home through the specific placement of objects. There’s one image that gives you support at work and represents wealth, resources, strength and support and that image is a mountain. Position your bed with feng shui part 2:

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Do not add something to suit feng shui if it looks out of place from a design standpoint. It reflects light from the window that is on the wall directly across the room. Feng shui guidelines for your bed part 2:

It can easily turn into a feng shui nightmare. Feng shui's principles apply to everything from choosing a building lot to where to place furniture. Here are 5 more offenders in the bedroom feng shui arena!

Mountain feng shui provides strength and support. You don’t want your feet positioned straight towards the door, and. Feng shui your bedroom with the following 10 steps to improve the flow of positive energy.

Consider the scale of your home or the space you are adding artwork to. These images should be avoided. The bed shall not be placed against the bathroom wall or face the bathroom door directly.

When you are lying in bed, you should be able to see the door without being right in line with it cho advises. So it is no wonder wall art depicting natural water like lakes and waterfalls with koi fish swimming in. Two nightstands (one on each side of the bed) is recommended for optimal feng shui, explains cerrano.

Artwork can actually help slow rushing qi down a long narrow hallway. Me, however, thinks it’s a good to have and not absolutely required. Water represents wealth in feng shui.

On a very subtle and uncommon plane, this is thus the ultimate. An otherwise cool bedroom made a bit bizarre by the inclusion of overhead shelving where pictures rest over your head while you sleep. I usually recommend that the room be “designed” to create feelings of intimacy as well as be a place to rest and revitalize health in however that looks to my clients.

There can be strange suggestions, but good take aways too. Feng shui solutions for your bed & bedroom challenges They can lead to quarrels, disputes and disagreements.

If it bothers you, try shopping for an lean frame. Such pictures include the depiction of water, ships, noisy companies, fun, wild and dangerous animals. Research feng shui bedroom options and see if any of those suggestions are appealing to you.

It does not signify the soul or the mind or the mental continuom of people. In feng shui, water is regarded as the symbol of wealth while fish has the auspicious meaning of surplus year after year. If you stick to feng shui, then remember that there are images that should be avoided in the bedroom.

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Be careful hanging heavy or large objects over your head. When arranging a bed, try to pay attention to set it at lucky small sections. A painting that depicts a pair of mandarin ducks can find a home in a bedroom southwest corner over a nightstand or lounge area.

Does this mirror create bad feng shui?” mirrors are often called the “aspirin of feng shui” because they’re used in so many feng shui adjustments, but one place mirrors don’t belong is the bedroom. Magnolia is a feng shui symbol for contentment and purity, an ideal desire for true love. The skull is a symbol of the physical head that remains after death has dissolved the body;

From the best positioning of the bed to the most practical feng shui solutions for your bedroom, it is all here, in this feng shui bedroom article. According to the feng shui theory, the bathroom belongs to water in the five elements and has heavy yin (the negative/passive/female principle in nature), thus. Some rooms or areas of the home, like a study or long hallway, are great spaces to display a collection of art in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Feng shui can help you create an atmosphere in your bedroom where you can relax. Some feng shui masters say that a bed frame is preferred because it allows qi to flow through the bottom. Also, the air conditioning shall not be equipped at the right side of your bed or above it.

From a Feng shui perspective the position of the bed is

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