Kitchenaid 2 Quart Whistling Tea Kettle Stainless Steel

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Farberware has been trusted for over 100 years, and this teakettle continues that tradition for a new generation. This teapot allows you to reach a capacity of around 12 cups (one 200ml cup) after a single boil, eliminating the need to repeatedly boil water frequently and saving you time.

KITCHENAID 2Quart Porcelain Enamel Tea Kettle Pewter 55

Kitchenaid 50585 2 quart porcelain tea kettle stainless steel review by gail l.

Kitchenaid 2 quart whistling tea kettle stainless steel. The kitchenaid glass tea kettle is ideal for brewing your perfect cup of tea with streamlined glass and stainless steel design the glass tea kettle simplifies the process of making tea with five preset temperatures and fast all in one brewing product information product dimensions 9 4 x 8 3 x 10 6 inches. The art of making tea can be savoured. Highly audible whistle alerts you when water has come to a roiling boil ;

The whistling tea kettles by mr. Add glam to heating up water on the stovetop with the elegant, modern design. Burt can be read at

A polished stainless steel construction is durable and fits in with any kitchen decor. Full stainless steel handle with comfortable grip: Removable lid for easy cleaning and filling;

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Durable whistle signals when water has reached a boil; Stainless steel whistling stovetop kettlestainless steel in gray | wayfair tk3001. For easy filling, pouring and cleaning.

Coffee tea kettles are the perfect stovetop tea and water boilers for your home, dorm, condo, or apartment. The 2 quart capacity allows you to heat up to 8 cups of water for tea or your favorite warm beverage. Our cool, contemporary, and colorful porcelain enamel kettles add flair to heating up water and look great on any stovetop.

Whistles once water reaches a full boil measures approximately 9 by 10 by 12 inches 【high capacity】2.5 qt stainless steel tea kettle is ideal for serving in a whole family or party. Coffee add an aesthetic appeal to your stovetop to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your kitchen.

Graceful contoured profile and elegant stainless steel band around the tea kettle bodylooks great on astovetop table or countertop ; Comfortable silicone accented stainless steel handle offers a soft and stable grip ; The timeless look goes well with any kitchen layout and design.

The whistle feature promptly sounds to alert you that your water has reached a rapid boil. Graceful contoured profile and desirable trim band: Traditionally styled with beautiful polished stainless steel makes this teakettle look great without sacrificing durability.

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Clear, audible whistle and clear sign when boiling cycle is done.

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